Papers & projects

Published papers and completed academic projects

Published papers

Rudolf Muhr, Dawid Czech, Roman Lewicki

Die Lesbarkeit des Allgemeinen Bürgerlichen Zivilgesetzbuchces (ABGB) Österreichs und des polnischen Zivilgesetzbuches (KC) im Vergleich. Kommunikologische und Linguodidaktische Implikationen

In: A. Stolarczyk Gembiak, M. Woźnicka i D. Dolatowski (Eds.), Annäherungen 4, pp. 17-43

Dawid Czech

Metaphorical structure in translation of popular business discourse: A comparative analysis of Polish and English business texts

In: M. Walczyński, P. Czajka i M. Szawerna (Eds.) On the Verge Between Language and Translation, pp. 137-160

Dawid Czech

Fair use vs. permitted use: A comparative legal analysis of personal use in Polish and American intellectual property law

Gospodarka Rynek Edukacja 18(2)

Dawid Czech

A body of understanding: Embodiment of language in light of current psycholinguistic and neurolinguistic research

Orbis Linguarum 43, pp. 341-358

Dawid Czech

Challenges in video game localization: An integrated perspective

Explorations: A Journal of Language and Literature 1, pp. 3-25;

Completed academic projects

University of Wrocław

International conference on translation "Culture in Transfer 2016"

As one of the organizers of the conference, I was responsible for contacting the attendees and inviting keynote speakers, planning the budget, chairing panels, and organizing the venue for the conference.

University of Wrocław

Additional practical courses for undergraduate students

To help undergraduate students further improve their command of academic English, I have organized several extracurricular courses in writing, speaking and vocabulary, together with other members of the "Translatio" Doctoral Students' Association.

"Polskie Gry Wideo" Non-profit organization

Video game laboratory at the University of Wrocław

I helped to organize open lectures on different aspects of video game design and was responsible for legal support of the "Polskie Gry Wideo", a non-profit organization promoting Polish video games.

Science communication

I write a blog on science, philosophy, and popculture. I also gave open lectures at several public events (e.g. the "Wrocławskie Dni Fantastyki" convention).

Other projects

I helped organize several events under the patronage of the Institute of English, e.g. English contests (as one of the jurors) and the "Maraton Językoznawczy", a linguistic contest for high-school students.