Dawid Czech

I’m a literary translator in English and German. So far, I’ve translated seven books, including "Orwell’s Roses" by Rebecca Solnit. Before entering the literary translation market, I worked for eight years as a freelance scientific translator. In 2019, I obtained a PhD in linguistics and since then I’ve been teaching translation theory and practice to undergraduate students. In my free time, I read books, play video games, and roll dice in D&D. I try to learn something new every day.

What I do

Literary translation

I'm a native speaker of Polish and I have native-like command of English. I’ve also mastered German at C1 (advanced) level. My services include literary translation (EN-PL, PL-EN, DE-PL, DE-EN) of popular science books, essays, reportages, novels and comics. I subject each of my translations to at least two rounds of internal editing and proofreading before submitting them to the publishers.

Specialized translation

I offer specialized translation (EN-PL and PL-EN) of scientific texts (papers submitted to English-language journals, monographs, books), in particular in neuroscience, cognitive psychology and linguistics. I also consider assignments in other disciplines—I’ve translated articles in, to name a few, dendrology, physical therapy, architecture, culture studies.

Editing and proofreading

I have several years of experience in teaching academic writing, and I have worked as the editor-in-chief of an academic journal during my PhD studies. I offer services in editing (for clarity or proper use of academic English), adjusting a text to given publishing or editorial standards (e.g. citation systems), and proofreading (for language correctness).


I’m closely following the publishing market, always keeping an eye out for exciting new releases and finding underappreciated gems, especially popular science books and books on social issues. I can prepare pre-publication reviews of titles under consideration. I also try to be as much engaged in the publishing process as possible, sending proposals of books that caught my attention and are aligned with the publisher’s profile.

Quotes from books I've translated